Friday, 4 December 2015

Me Time

SOUNDTRACK los campesinos or desperado or daughter

ola all. Hope you're feeling in a cheery mood today. Look 1 jumper- unif tee- all bout that base teechip, shoes vintage
Look 2 is dress, boots, jewels- vintage
Look 3- dress- Miss selfridge, jewels- avon boots- vintage
jewellery- round ring gift, orange mum's, other vintage

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Me Time

Holla. Another flashback post. All of my images don't seem to be showing via imageshack anymore so I'll eventually sort that out but until I do here are a few more old faves of mine.


A few photos from Ipswich 2015 when I had blue hair! Hair and makeup by Louise Hall- Model Hannah Clements.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Interview with Raluca S

So I stumbled across this incredible photographer recently on facebook and they said I could ask a few questions! Look Raluca up, such a stunning collection of images that look like they've come out of a very special fairytale book. The atmosphere created really draws you in and then you notice the amazing styling and general set up of the shoot. For more check out Raluca's website

Inspiration can come from anything really, but I do love painters like Edward Robert Huges,Jean-Honroe Fragonard, John William Waterhouse. I love going out experiencing and seeing new things, like going to exhibitions that might have nothing to do with photography or just going to a random location just to expand my horizons.

Beauty has always been my main focus. I believe that everyone has a beautiful side and even if in reality it may fade away, in photos it never will; but it isn’t always the conventional stuff we see in magazines. It can be quirky and dark sometimes and that’s what I’ve tried to show in my latest “Welcome to my nightmare” series.

I'm 26 years old, I currently live in London and I'm in my final year of University and my current job is photographer. Sometimes I do a bit of printing and graphic design if I need to but mainly photographer.
Funnily enough I don't actually have other hobbies apart from photography, it takes up all my time really. I do like reading, going for walks in nature, weekend long parties and daydreaming, just to get away from my screen every once in a while.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Me Time

My new ish brown hair and my single self. Sorry for the lack of posts, long story short I'm in a better place now and I'm not being abused daily by a crazy ex! A few from college and general day to day life! (I started two friday's ago- practical horticulture). Also did anyone see the blood moon last night? It took my breath away at 4am. LOVE TO YOUR MOTHERS.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Einat Dan Makeup Workshop PT1

Right I have so much I want to say about what happened on this beautiful day in a rough part of London. I have a hell of a lot of photos too so this is going to be a three parter. Look out for the next. I took seven pages of notes in one day! I have never been so mentally involved and trying to take everything in as much as I was at this workshop. I'm amazed A) I was invited B) anyone spoke to me (I'm weird and awkward) 3) Einat Dan answered all my questions 4) I loved every second and want to be a photographer/makeup artist now.

Einat Dan, originally from Israel, is a wonderful inspiring warm spirit. Honestly before I was invited to this course I didn't know who she was. I wouldn't be able to pick out work she'd done. Simply, I'm an embarrassment. As a photographer if I'd have researched MUA's on campaigns I'd have found her instantly. Her work is jaw dropping. H

I was invited to her workshop by Michelle Court (aka Court on Camera) who is also an awesome MUA. I'd happily chat to both of them for hours. Sup to Michelle's sister Sam if she's reading this! We bonded over clean eating, water yoga, crystals and pole dancing!
So in my notes I took down a few quotes from around the room on the day! A few were as follows...
"Bridal makeup- up there with the pain of child birth" -Michelle
"I almost killed one editor. So we were on top of a snowey mountain, it was dangerous and there was a guy looking after us- I lost many brushes that day from not holding on to them hard enough. Anyway the photographer and model went higher and in the cover photo the model's eyelashes were half off! Quick call and the editor sorted it luckily!"

My mua Sarah the other day said proudly she bought this amazing twenty piece glitter set from hobbycraft! Gotta love craft shops. I see something now and wonder if I can stick it to a model's face or make it in to a hat! Y'know just keep trying.