Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Einat Dan Makeup Workshop PT1

Right I have so much I want to say about what happened on this beautiful day in a rough part of London. I have a hell of a lot of photos too so this is going to be a three parter. Look out for the next. I took seven pages of notes in one day! I have never been so mentally involved and trying to take everything in as much as I was at this workshop. I'm amazed A) I was invited B) anyone spoke to me (I'm weird and awkward) 3) Einat Dan answered all my questions 4) I loved every second and want to be a photographer/makeup artist now.

Einat Dan, originally from Israel, is a wonderful inspiring warm spirit. Honestly before I was invited to this course I didn't know who she was. I wouldn't be able to pick out work she'd done. Simply, I'm an embarrassment. As a photographer if I'd have researched MUA's on campaigns I'd have found her instantly. Her work is jaw dropping. H

I was invited to her workshop by Michelle Court (aka Court on Camera) who is also an awesome MUA. I'd happily chat to both of them for hours. Sup to Michelle's sister Sam if she's reading this! We bonded over clean eating, water yoga, crystals and pole dancing!
So in my notes I took down a few quotes from around the room on the day! A few were as follows...
"Bridal makeup- up there with the pain of child birth" -Michelle
"I almost killed one editor. So we were on top of a snowey mountain, it was dangerous and there was a guy looking after us- I lost many brushes that day from not holding on to them hard enough. Anyway the photographer and model went higher and in the cover photo the model's eyelashes were half off! Quick call and the editor sorted it luckily!"

My mua Sarah the other day said proudly she bought this amazing twenty piece glitter set from hobbycraft! Gotta love craft shops. I see something now and wonder if I can stick it to a model's face or make it in to a hat! Y'know just keep trying.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

More Archive Photos!

Tempted to make this a series! I have so many photos that haven't been posted and I look back like why not? So here's another selection that I enjoy looking at. Including me, Anna Sawyer, Mitchell (part german shepherd part collie), jewellery made by me!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Behind The Scenes

Get this Simpsonic tee for a measly £13!! click here!!. Ear muffs thanks to Anna Sawyer from South Korea! She turned up with these beautiful purple ear muffs and I instantly had to try them on. She later said after I refused to take them off she's happy for me to keep 'em as she has my kimono! Totally forgot she had it so great trade I guess. Polaroid of me putting on Anna's shoe. Coat from Topshop. Tina Emmett did hair and makeup! Hannah also pictured with Sarah doing makeup. Lotsa exciting stuff going on this week! Show y'all soon xo

Thursday Throwback

I think this were taken maybe five years ago! Rhiann at xmas. Not shown Rhiann and I spooning. I like to be the big spoon.

Friday, 9 January 2015

What I Wore To Meet Einat Dan

dress- Beyond Retro bag- Anthropologie tights&long sleeved top- Primark shoes- el naturalista (borrowed from my mum)

My outfit (apologies for the silly face, had to include it!) for attending the incredible mindblowing makeup workshop by Einat Dan at PAM studios (Goldhawk Mews, London). I have five pages of notes and beforehand came up with three a4 size pages of questions- she answered all of them! What a babe. She double cheek kissed me when I had to leave! Thanks Court aka Court-on-Camera for inviting me!! I just can't begin to tell you what a great time I had. I'll be showing you soon enough, took 213 pics overall (can't believe I'm a digital convert- remember film cameras, I loved them so much- mine busted recently sobsob), now the task of whittling them down to best and worthy of sharing!

I bought a few things too...couldn't resist and it's my birthday on the 23rd Jan! Why not! Three paw paws and MIA by Einat Dan mineral powder in light! Totally recommend getting anything and everything you can in her collection, other attendees were gifted a selection and during the workshop Einat used the brushes, big mama (click here) looked amazing!

Also, I started wearing three rings I'd made. By the end of the day, I'd given them all away to admiring folk (including one to Einat! I felt so proud!). In return I was given the beautiful crystal (think it's calcite) in the last pic (she told me to put it in my bra so I'm calling it the boob crystal) by Michelle's gorgeous sister!

Hope y'all have a great weekend! Happy birthday to my boo for Sunday! I need to bake a cake that outdos beardcake (maybe I'll take the easy way out and order a load from The Bearded Bakery. Their beard cupcakes are cayoot). Just had another quick look on google...this beardcake is pretty, pretty, pretty awesome.