Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Hey all! So i've recently been working on a new online magazine titled same as this blog ♥ more info on facebook, either Jazzy Elizabeth or hivenj.
Anyway...Happy almost Valentines day to my boo and all of you guys who ever take time to read my blog! I'd give you a hug if I could. I'm more excited for the release of John Wick 2 and I just want to play laser tag on Saturday. Livin' the dream, I'll probably get to play pool at least xo

Thursday, 26 January 2017

"World News"

So I just wanted to take a break from stuff totally personal to me and consider what's personal and going on in the world. I have an interest in the American elections and politics in general, a lot of my friends live in the States and my mum's best friend in San Fran Cisco. I remember the good ol' days, before my parents divorced and I was their flower girl. We played crazy-glow-in-the-dark-golf and went to comic book stores. I don't know why but the beach boys-wouldn't it be nice just popped in to my head... Anyway. So trump. What a smelly old man. Reversing women's rights all around the world surrounded by men and his miserable looking wife. Like she's beautiful, sure. But such a face like a slapped arse. Personally I miss the Obama's already. Two videos I wanted to post if ya haven't seen them, Ipersonally am in love with Charlie Brooker and this bad lip reading video is also brilliant. Lots of love. Let's fix the world guys and girls. Please. Before it's too late. Politics right now, we're going back in time it seems. We made so much progress and now it's going down the crapper.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

New Direction

Dear Internet, I'm going to try and give this blog a new positive lease of life (as panic! at the disco said, in a "a new perspective" - 'Stop there and let me correct it I wanna live a life from a new perspective'). It's going to get a little more personal (as Lindsay Lohan spot on said in her album "A little more personal"- one of my favourites as a kid that really spoke to me at the time...Daughter to father, these are, these are...The confessions of a broken heart, of a broken heart. I, I love you'). So yeah long story short I feel things sometimes and I'm going to try and put them in to words for this blog this year. That's a big aim of mine. Get across what I'm feeling in a clear and concise way. I can use pop culture, humour, sarcasm obviously to make this more entertaining for the listener but really what I want to achieve is being able to adult. I struggle with my emotions a lot, God (and my mum mostly) knows how much I really struggle day to day with feeling too much, being in pain anyway and having a weak immune system. Sorry if I overshare. Please unfollow me if ya uncomfortable with this kinda thing. It's still going to be based around pretty pictures I take but it's just going to have a lot of me alongside it. Like I am with my closest friends. I have been able to gain this moment of clarity because I have an amazing support network around me. My family I chose, the family that was given to me have pulled me through hell over the past few years and day by day I see improvements in my personality, I'm not bitter, I'm not full of angst, yeah I'm ill (over the past few months I've been dislocating more and my bf has almost had to call an ambulance twice and I was coughing up blood b/c of being on a morphine patch over New years) but when have I not been? I've been dealing with this day to day since I was THIRTEEN. I don't understand how the majority of people aren't in agonizing pain every day. Obviously there's a different between mental and physical pain. And really if you deal with either I'm so sorry. I want to open this blog up also b/c if it helps ONE SINGLE PERSON feel what they need to, not brush it under the rug...awesome. Please email me, if you have any questions like or want impartial advice...or to send me a cute pic of your cat/dog/iguana AWESOME. PLEASE DO IT. I want to interact with you guys, my favourite thing overall is to talk to people. Gain other peoples perspectives. ETC. Anyway. If you made it to the end of this, great. See you around soon.

 When in need...drink with friends (i'm top right)
 When in need...chill with friends (i'm middle left in the checkered shirt)
 (Midnight- Baymen's cat)
 (Me, 2012 on a boat to amsterdam)
 (Jacob nd I- London 2017)
 When in doubt...cuddle a cat
When in

Lots of love.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2017 Game Plan

Dear internet, my name is Jazzy and I've been seriously slacking with the updates in 2016 b/c I was busy with college, healing myself, networking, eventually meetin g a super lovely guy, making new friends, seeing bands, photographing what i want to instead of what actually makes me money and generally mucking around and causing shenanigans.

So yes, on to the game plan. My five step list to suceeding this year...
1) Nail down my niche: find what really works for me and whether it appeals to the wider audience
2) Find my official passion: photography or horticulture or a mix of both?
3) Stay friendly, not bitter
4) Make money
5) Make happiness.

Top three resolutions
1) Stop smoking
2) Find ways to stop dislocations and general agony of day to day living
3) Learn something new every day.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Highlights Reel- TWENTY FOUR

So it's the big 24 at the end of January so I thought I'd do a cheeky memory type post before we get down to the real bussyness of what I've been up to recently! I've been a surprisingly busy bee. Happy new year btw. Niceties done here's a few of my fave ever moments in my life...

 (Devon Mason)
 (Hannah Inggs)

 (Sian Finn)
 (age of reason scarves)
 (Blitz vintage party)

 (Brittany Fernbacker)
 (RIP George, never a moment passes I don't wish U were here)

 (Sophia D'arcy)
 (Einat Dan makeup tutorial, 2015)

 (Anna Sawyer)
(Anna Sawyer)

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Holiday Gift Guide

Festive themed
pinup tee little red dress, christmas lights necklace , snoopy jumper, benefit set cheapest I've found at John Lewis, santa jumper, alan p jumper


kitty mug, cactus duvet, anything from Age of Reason bitch ring, naughty list christmas jumper, Lush winter garden gift set, Gwen Stefani Urban Decay palette , Sarra Manning's new book After the Last Dance (amazon), kitten rain baseball shirt .


jack nlack beard grooming set (available on amazon and a bunch of other places). I can't resist the blue. pig tee
becoming a synthesiser wizard, terry pratchett disc world collection, danny wallace (amazon), the walking dead injured pop, bo burnham egg head, awesome toy car that climbs walls!! merry liftmas .

not feeling it?
Well check out red bubble, magazine subscription etsy , firebox, gig tickets, a meal out or something hand made!