Saturday, 6 March 2010

i ♥ underwear

i need someone to build me a walk in wardrobe simply for my underwear. fuck clothes, underwear's the place to start.
selections price high-low...

a selection from la perla.

a selection from agent provocateur.

i lovelovelove 'sexy panties and naughty knickers'
great quality, cute collections.


they also do cute tees.

this isn't my complete taste but it's kind of cute

a selection from fairy goth mother.

want to know a secret? this is la senza. i love la senza. ha ha ha.

over all my favourite will always be accesorize knickers.

we all know m&s do great underwear. not such a great selection online and although i prefer accesorize knickers i would reconmend m&s underwear to anyone and everyone.



Unknown said...

Beautiful panties

where are the guy panties?

Mens swimwear

Christina Caradona said...

this is very cute.
i need to buy more panties now :)