Sunday, 25 April 2010

miss patina Q&A

Q, who makes up the 'miss patina team' ?
A.Miss Patina is formed by several students and graduates from London College Fashion and University College of London who are passionate about fashion and creating fresh British styles for young female.

Q. tell me a little bit about yourselves and where you are located
A. London based independent fashion label started from an online store initially selling small quantity handmade garments/accessories as well as unique fashion pieces sourced abroad. Now Miss Patina has shaken off the constraints of handmade execution by hiring a small workshop to do manufacturing, nevertheless Miss Patina has kept its strength such as attention to detail and hand-finished embellishment on garments. With a number of stockists in the UK as well as Holland currently, Miss Patina has gone from strength to strength.

Q.what are your influences?
A.I suppose the influences for me and my colleagues to carry out design are mainly from vintage fashion styles as well as latest fashion trends. Personally, I like to incorporate my interests in vintage fashion into my design to create fresh, cute and sweet looks.



Q. if you could trade places with one person, who would it be?
A. Actually, I prefer being myself. I am really enjoying my life and work now. Although it’s been tough and hectic sometimes I still think it is worthwhile.

Q. what do you value most in other people?
A. Actually it depends on what kind of people. Probably, everyone has something I should value. Currently, I guess the things I value most in other people is their thoughts and suggestions about Miss Patina designs.

Q.louboutins or chanel clogs?
A. Do you mean which designer brand shoes I prefer…? Actually I am not a high heels person. But in terms of the look, I prefer Louboutins.

Q.what's your favourite fashion trend?
A. Vintage fashion style is my favorite, especially I like 50’s 60’s and 70’s. You many find that many Miss Patina designs have a hint of vintage look.

thanks to miss patina.
their beautiful 2010 summer collection is out now!


nicky said...

love their new collection. this is great. and i think it's your first interview for the blog?

kirsty m said...

clever questions

hanna m said...

good going girly

Anonymous said...

love the last dress. i've been looking for one like that for ages. great insight.

lydia said...

the jumper with thw bow on is cute.

molly said...

love the blog

sam said...

i ♥ miss patina!
their dresses feel so personal

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Mademoiselle Ruta said...

I love that sailor dress. So gorgeous. Although all the clothes are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

love the blazer. perfect.

KEMP said...

I love that sailor dress. So gorgeous

Lucy said...

i love miss patina!
their dresses feel so personal,

love their new collection!!!!!!:)especialiy the sailor dress. it is different from another brand's

miss patina said...

love their design, love their retro-style, love their fashion sence......oh......