Friday, 14 May 2010

another day, another dress

A beautiful dress arrived in the post today, the quality for the price surprised me. 100% cotton and it feels like good silk.

*photos from the student boutique.

-So, tell me a little bit about your company and where you are located.
The Student Boutique is an online store, based in my house in manchester. My aim is to provide students with fashionable affordable clothing and to really understand what students are buying. Presenting it in a way that they can wear. Being a recent degree graduate, I know what it's like to live on a budget, but at the same time wanting to look good!

-How did you get started?
Firstly I am an actress and always will be. I studied performance at University. In my head, it was never a secure job and in my last year in univesity I knew I wanted to set up my own business. Ideas came and I decided to market to the student niche. Considering I knew alot about what it feels to be a real student. I've also had a passion for fashion since I was young, putting the ideas together, I came up with the concept of 'The Student Boutique'

-What makes 'The Student Boutique' different from everyone else?
The difference between TSB and other websites is that we will cater more to the modern day fashionable student at affordable prices. Really understand what they need from the clothes they buy- quality, on trend and reasonably priced.

-What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My strength as a person is having good customer service skills, I've worked in sales all my life and know it only takes one bad sales experiance to scare a customer away for life.

My weakness is thinking that I can do everything at once. I have to remind myself to do one thing at a time and properly.

-What's the best advice you've ever received?
'customers buy for their reason - not yours'
and my grandad has always said-
'if you keep throwing mud at a wall- eventually some of it will stick!'

-What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 10 years from now?
I plan to expland as a business hiring staff- selling Graduation/Prom wear, selling Clothes for male students and to be recognised as part of the student culture! I want to build up on my following of students and make a noise in the fashion industry.

thanks to candice at the student boutique for all her help!


Anonymous said...

she's got such a pretty face

rose said...

i've been looking for a nude dress. that looks perfect. off to buy.

q said...

eeeeeeeee pretty dresses ♥

ula said...

she has the perfect colour blonde hair. off to check out the site. cute find girly

Anonymous said...

lovely dresses. my nanny always said that to me! hasn't worked for me so far sadly but i'll never give up. great interview!

ellie said...

you own too many dresses as it is. and they're all beautiful. this one too. love the blog!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lovely dresses

suzie said...

i'm in love with that maxi dress. shes so pretty!

Anonymous said...

♥ the student boutique. she sounds like such a sweetie.

Candice E-M said...

Hi its candice the owner of The Student Boutique- Thanks everyone for your loverly comments!! its made my day!!! x x x x x x

jess said...

that maxi dress is going to be my new favourite thing!