Thursday, 6 May 2010

favourite interview ever

hey all. it's nearly friday. I'm planning a giveaway. I've reached 20000 hits and thought i'd go for it. Wish me luck and keep a look out.

this arrived today-

in a very beautiful package, with a contact card, note and ribbon. These kind of touches make you happy to pay p&p. Even me.

charlie and the fox interview-

-Tell me a little bit about your company and where you are located.
Charlie & the Fox started in 2009 in south London, we got the name from my sister’s nickname (Charlie) and my nickname (Fox). Also a little bit influenced by the cute fox family that was by us, I drew one of the cubs and that became the logo.

-How did you get started?

Drawing and crafting is something that I would do a lot when I was a child (I loved Art Attack, so many uses for a washing up bottle). It’s always been a part of me, I’m lost to my own world when I’ve got a pencil and sketchbook or when I’m at a bookshop, either is good. I love books.

So it started as a creative outlet for my love of handmade things, I wanted to make things others would love. Beginning really slowly, the online store has only been online for a few several months.

When I look back now I know where I went wrong and how I could have done better. Knowing what I know now it would have been so much easier and quicker to get going, but I guess with any business it’s a serious learning curve (as I’ve skeptically read others say before). I think it happens without much panic over how much you really have to understand about starting a business, but you learn quick and I try not to get annoyed about not understanding before and I’m grateful that I now know.

-What are your influences?

Oh so many things, it’s almost a bit random. One thought triggers another, next thing you think you’ve got an amazing idea that you think you can run with.This is probably a bit odd but I seem to focus more on inanimate objects rather than people for ideas for possible projects, such as what print can I create next.

Other things that help are people watching, daydreaming, singing badly to my music playlists and coffee.

-What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My personal best strength that’s good for Charlie & the Fox is that I have a vivid imagination, and I also have a good sense of humour.
Biggest weakness would be that I can’t seem to keep my studio tidy for long, it becomes organised mess. A fraction away from just mess.

-What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I remember one piece of advice above all, ‘Write it down, anything that comes into your head write it down’. This was actually advice for writing a story but it works so well here too. The thing about this bit of advice is that it doesn’t tell you that you should be organised about it. I use to write on any scrap of paper that was in grabbing reach (still do sometimes) until I was littered with scraps of paper and a confused head.
I carry a notebook with me everywhere now so I don’t forget anything, it’s full of nonsensical notes. Well I understand them, at the moment this works for me.

-What do you value most in people?

That would definitely be honesty, I value the opinions of the people closest to me and hold a lot of respect for those that are honest because to be so open is not easy. I care about what they think and I also know that they won’t be afraid about hurting my feelings. I need to hear when they think something won’t work, so I can tell them they’re wrong. Haha. Really though they keep me focused.

-What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 10 years from now?
Well I can now google Charlie & the Fox and not feel disappointed, so tick. Ummm, with this question my head has already quickly filled up with lots of fantasies. Taking over the world Charlie & the Fox style.

Really I want Charlie & the Fox to be recognised as a great company, that not only cares about what we make but also about the people that buy from us too. To have not lost that but made it stronger would be amazing. I do have a lot of hopes for Charlie & the Fox, that I find so exciting and desperately look forward to happening one day but I’ll keep these secret for now. I know mean, but I’m trying to keep some mystery.

roxy also has a really cute blog. linky
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tell me you're blown away too?


shirl said...

i have her on lookbook, her pictures are great. this interview is definitely worth reading, it's fantastic.

love the blog, love charlie and the fox.

Anonymous said...

i'm blown away.

prisc said...

this is so cute. great interviewer , great interviewee

hsieu said...

this is the first time i've been on your blog and i'm pleasently surprised. great mix you have.
well done on the interview, it's brill

jamie said...

ditto. blown away. i want her to be my best friend.

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gabby said...

great interview.
i wonder if they'd ship to brazil. only one way to find out...

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Shahin said...

Love Charlie & the Fox. Yes Roxy's blog is sooooooo cute.
I see a great future.

Well down great interview.

EssieLee said...

Love the interview, love Charlie & the Fox and love Roxy's cute bloge. Fantastic.

ula said...

i ♥ charlie and the fox. breath taking interview. i want her to be my best friend too!

Anonymous said...

agree with ula

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anna said...

blown away

rama said...

i want to marry both of you!!!

Anonymous said...

cute jumper