Saturday, 19 June 2010

official giveaway post

It's arrived at last! There's been so much preparation for this. I hope it all goes as smoothly as the last one.
This giveaway was supposed to be a celebration for reaching 20,000 hits. I never thought i'd get to over 200,000 hits so quickly, it's an amazing feeling. And this is my way of saying thanks.
And a big thanks to all the shops that contributed and of course the people behind those shops for all their help.
Each store was specifically selected , it's worth taking the time to look through.

so, the list of items and contributors

-heart bag, zebra purse, bracelet& earrings set (from bizzie me)
-sacred heart necklace (from m.r.f goldsmiths, please email for more information)
-two pairs of teenie weenie socks and bracelet (from so cute accesories)
-gold evening bag (from the stellar boutique)
-gold necklace with semi-precious stone (from corinna designs)
-£10 voucher for Oliver Bonas (from Oliver Bonas)
-Vintage tortoise shell sunglasses (from The Cherry Closet)
-One pair of hot pink heart studs and one pair of treble clef studs (from Kitsch-tique)
-Handmade silver and tourmaline bracelet (from La Vidalerie)
-Leather pink vanity case (from Rose and Potter)
-Korres body scrub, the balm vegan lip treatment and a sample mineral primer (from Zuneta)
-Pink pebble necklace (from Glitterysah)
-Travel bath relaxation set (from Green and Spring)
-Silver limited edition bell bracelet (from Chlo-Bo)
-Selection of Bliss products (from Bliss)
-Brass lariat necklace (from The Wellington Boot)
-Semi-precious stone silver ring (from Emily Morgan)
-Silver bark ring (from Debz Crafts)
-Mineral blusher and brush (from Rock Face Minerals)
-Selection of Balance Me products (from Boutiko)
-Selection of 8 candle holders* (from Rose and Grey)
-Pair of silver and black onyx earrings (from Precious Petal)
-Selection of handmade 100% Vegetarian bathing products* (from Fairfield Gardens)
-Handmade drop silver flower earrings (from Kelly Kusel designs)
-Three quarter length sleeves black top (from the little black dress)
-Selection of 100% vegan toxin free skincare products (from innocent oils)
-Vintage black sparkly dress size 10 (from Kiss Me Quick Boutique)
-Vintage cream brown polka dot dress size 10(from Juno Says Hello)
-Vintage brown halter neck (it still has the plastic bit in so i don't think it's ever been worn. and it says size 12 but it'd easily fit a 10) swimming costume, two bows and vintage brown patterned scarf* (from Delightful Muddle)
-Black hold ups S (from Love Colour Love Tights)
-A Playful Promises Daisy bikini (pastel bright kaleidoscope print) in your size* (from playful promises)
-A big box of cards for every occasion* (from Hello Lucky)
-A Kelly Love tee M* (from Kelly Love)

*not shown in previous photo

You can enter in three ways:
1) By linking to my blog (on your blog, facebook, twitter, myspace, or any other site, each link will count for one entry) simply or in a fancy html way
2) By leaving a comment on this post (with your email address) or
3) By linking and leaving a comment (worth 3 entries,giving you a better chance of winning)

-please leave your name, your size and email address so i can contact you if you win
-there will be seven winners. you could get one big thing or a few little things
-if you do not reply to the 'winners email' within seven days, i will reallocate the prize
-it would be lovely if you were a follower but i'm not making it a rule
-please leave proof of linking to my blog (it's going to be a bit hard if you don't)
-anyone can enter, anywhere in the world, it doesn't cost anything
-winners will be picked randomly using a lottery approved number randomiser
-if you win, once i've sent off your prize (i'll pay for packaging) i'm not responsible for any other charges or loses (i will get proof of postage)
-no cash alternative
- you do not need to use blogger to enter
anything else? email me at

The giveaway will be open for ten days.
Closing on Wednesday June 30th, midnight...

I will be contacting the winners soon. Look out for the email.


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Anonymous said...

omg 400th comment!

Anonymous said...

ash h

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is immense

Anonymous said...

valerie ,, 8,,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

mariane _ size

Anonymous said...

love your blog babe

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

jenny , 10,

Lara Caitlin said... ;D

Anonymous said...

miriam uk 8

Chloe/Kirari said...

Not sure if I can enter again since I won the other one but


Size on top is UK(adult) 14-16 and bottom half is 10

Anonymous said...

love this.
size 8

Doina Popa said...


Gheorghe said...


Anonymous said...

proof of advertising:

heather :) said...

sorry nevermind my last post!

proof of advertising:

size: 12

Anonymous said...

Wow this is amazing ! Great blog anyways : )
Suzanne, size 36 (switzerland : D )

Ashley Slaton said...

Ashley S. US size 2/small/25

Anonymous said...

i hope i winnn!

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