Friday, 16 July 2010


Lovely Chloe from Melvita sent me a few more things to try.

I've wanted to try an organic (no fluoride) toothpaste for a while now and everyone loves white teeth so i thought i'd go for Melvita's white teeth toothpaste and as it's summer Melvita's healthy glow cream (containing apricot, raspberry bush& sweet almond).

I do other things while cleaning my teeth and if i accidently swallow a bit of 'normal' toothpaste , in quick sucession,i get a tummy ache. Using Melvita's toothpaste i didn't have to worry about this. Unlike normal toothpaste , if i accidently swallow it, i don't have to worry about it causing havoc in my body. That's a big plus for me. It's also, in general, a lovely product.

Being a fan of summer and hating applying makeup , Melvita's healthy glow cream seemed like a nice alternative. I mixed it with my moisturiser to make it last longer and for a more natural look but you can use it pure for more coverage. It's light and easily absorbs. I'm rather pale and it gave me a nice glow instead of orange like some other tinted moisturisers.

They don't test on animals either.
Thanks to Melvita for sending me all of these lovely products to try and talk about.