Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Number Three: Emily Morgan

Emily Morgan's designs are amazing.
I'd marry her if there was any small possibility that her brilliance would rub off on me.

Before i post her 'Melt Me' collection, i need to show you something from 'Rolling Rocks'...

I'm a bit in love with this piece.

'Melt Me is my best-selling collection of jewellery.
With it's unique rock-like texture it almost makes the pieces look like ancient fossilised relics.
I always like to experiment with materials to see what happens and where it takes me,
rather than sketching a design first. The Melt Me pieces are created by shaping the silver or gold while in a
molten state and then I get them into their final shape and texture by cutting, hammering and filing'
I think this collection is her best so far. I love every single piece.