Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Me time

yes these photos are film.
(flickr linkk)

(a very sexy chav walked into range when i was taking this photo. he's just about out of shot)

(the weirdest thing i've seen in a while. pretty much a cat/pantha
guarding a bridge. it didn't move as we went past meow-ing either)

dress, primarni
sunglasses, rayban (just to show off really)
shoes, no idea
nails, sir barry m

(photos of this amazing green burnt down/abandoned building, my kind of heaven)
copyright ©hiven

I got this beautifully wrapped box in the post today (lovely sailor colours)from beyond organic skincare. I really can't wait to try these bits out (inc. day cream, night cream, serum , rescue salve and cleanser all in cute little baby blue pots).
I'll post a picture soon.

p.s what do we think of the new header? (courtesy of superfluous