Sunday, 8 August 2010

Radio, someone still loves you

I was on six music last night! Playing 'band i found on myspace or...' (this time it was cow) with Jon Holmes. It was fun. The most silly fun i've had in a while actually. I won too.
Catch up link.

Oh six music, one of the bbcs portfolio only digital stations, i'm so glad you were saved.

*this whole post probably means nothing to you if you do not live in the UK. if you do not live in the uk and you have heard of/listen to six music, we (the rest of the world and i) salute you.


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lily said...

well done you. i listened at the time, i realised it was you after the millionth time he said hiven. i'm impressed1

Anonymous said...

you have a dead sexy voice ^_^

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Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous. i love6music.

poppy said...

the linnk doesn't work<3