Thursday, 14 October 2010

Etsy Feature: Curious Wing

"The world and the people in it inspire me. I love to travel and have always felt that if everyone were able to travel globally, outside of their comfort and familiarity zone, it would go a long way toward ending racism, hate and even war. I truly believe that ignorance is behind much suffering. It's so much easier to think of others as "them" instead of "us" if we've never had the opportunity to meet and learn who "they" actually are.
I love to mix colors and borrow techniques and materials from around the world, to try and capture somewhat of a global feel, so that you might wear a pendant or ring and touch it, thinking about where it came from and how it got around your finger. My favorite compliment is when someone asks me where I got something that I've made, assuming I must have picked it up on a trip to somewhere exotic.
Everywhere is exotic if you're from someplace far away and different from it."

Curious Wing's etsy

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