Saturday, 2 October 2010

Etsy Feature: South Hill Stones

I've always had a bit of a thing for plugs. I've never seen any as beautiful as these. The colours, the shine, hypnotising,,

"I pretty much choose rocks that look good to me and hope that others will think so too. The hard part is finding good rough stones that are high enough quality to make whatever I'm doing to them. Many have too many fractures, no good patterns or several other rock issues.

Once I figure the rock out then it's a matter of cutting a good slab, marking the plug size, then cutting out a rough plug with the saw. Next it's to the diamond wheels to shape the plug down to a blank, the size of the flair. Then I carve out the size from the middle, measuring as I grind it out. Then it's to the soft diamond wheels to smooth the center and the plug surface. I then cab the domes on each side. It's back to the soft diamond wheels using finer and finer grit to get it very very smooth. Finally I polish on a felt pad spinning very fast with tin oxide.

The whole process takes probably a bit over an hour. So when you consider my time, all the hours/years I've learned to work stone and the cost of good stone rough it's not exactly the greatest money maker. That said I still get a big thrill seeing people wear something I've made"

A big thanks to Tim from South Hill Stones.

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