Saturday, 16 October 2010

Etsy Feature: Stout Woodworks

"It started when Frank was working with wooden furniture (he likes building using older joinery methods and hand tools). While shaping a piece of wood with a drawknife, he happened to pay particular attention to how the shavings would curl, forming a circle. He took the idea that wood is strongest along the grain and went from there.

Several months went into getting it right. He did lots of experiments with wood thickness, steaming and bending techniques, determining the strongest adhesive, nicest finish, etc.

He really likes the idea of using naturally-fallen limbs, scrap wood, or small pieces that would otherwise be considered unusable for anything but small projects such as ours. The small size of the ring itself invites closer examination of the wood's natural features - tiny details and patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed in larger pieces such as furniture."

Stout Woodworks etsy link

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