Friday, 8 October 2010

Etsy Feature: Vintage Urban Renewal

"I grew up wearing vintage clothing and have a fascination with mod styles from the 60's, bohemian styles from the 70's and retro 80's clothes. When I was younger I would go to thrift stores, raid my dad and grandpa's closets and put together eclectic outfits. I worked for a designer after graduating highschool. Changing and re-purposing clothes to make them more current is one of my favorite creative outlets.
We love our jobs and enjoy what we do. We get to travel, spend time with our family and live in a beautiful area. Every day is a treasure hunt for us. This fall season we are feeling very campy and equestrian and have many items coming out in our store that reflect that feeling. Suede, corduroy, plaids, camo, canvas and leather are but a few of the fabrics you will see."

This stunning red riding hood coat is one of many lovely pieces from Vintage Urban Renewal.
They have an adorable blog too (they have a giveaway coming up soon). One of those blogs that you wonder why they do not have millions of followers/ comments, go follow and when they get big you can have the 'i found them first smug face'.
Vintage Urban Renewal 's etsy.


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