Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Me time

These photos look like they could be taken over a week. My rubbish health means they're taken in a day as i don't get the opportunity that 'normal people' would to go all over everywhere and take photos every day. It breaks my heart that i can't be out much. I think these turned out okay. The majority are taken on film, the last three are digital.
I 'm planning a photoshoot with rhiann for sunday, I'm very much looking forward to it.

(Spot the whiskas lid. There's this lovely spot around the side of the park. I've never been here before, it was magical. The bottle cap road was created by 'unruly' youths. There are so many lovely different textures, bricks, the caps, gravel, you try to spot a few)


dress, anthropologie
hoodie, tkmaxx
sunglasses, rayban
tights, m&s
shoes, soyoushoes
lace headband, happy homestead
both dogs, chanel
necklace ,cloven
first silver squiggly ring, ebay
in first photo round ring, apache moon
last photo moonstone ring , curious wing


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