Saturday, 9 October 2010

Natural Lipstick

I get quite a few emails about makeup so i thought i'd show you what i've been using recently. This lipstick set is from Zosimos Botanicals. The variety is lovely, you can pick a lipstick daily to match your mood and they stay put the whole of the day. Zosimos are also an all natural company, so not only is the lipstick lovely, it's good for your lips. As it's natural you can also use it as blusher without any worries.

(what came attached to the bag)

"Our products are handcrafted in small batches using gentle plant-based raw materials, including pure plant oils, natural waxes, herbs, extracts, floral waters and essential oils. No animal testing is performed, nor do we resort to synthetic chemicals such as parabens, nanoparticles or other toxins"
(their studios are also 100% wind-powered).
Etsy link.

This is my favourite colour, peony (as pictured on lovely miss rhiann)

Something from this month's marie claire that nicely applies,


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