Saturday, 2 October 2010

Outfit post

(note the beautiful button detailing, it's a playsuit but has a skort type thing going on)

(I took this awful watch off george last week. I want to throw it in a river, he asked nicely for me not to. As much as i do not particularly like what george wears, i'm not really sure/in the know about boys fashion. If i was shown a photo i could voice my opinion straight away but if asked specifically what i like, i wouldn't know what to say. Credit to the boy, he looks good in a suit. I wouldn't want that all the time though. I love cord for myself but definitely not on a boy. Brogues? To conclude, I'll go with well dressed but a bit un-perfect (scruffy) at the same time.)

(from love nail tree)

(from tocamadera)

playsuit, fab vintage
socks, m&s

I'm very smiley today. Thanks to Miss Jessica Kiefer for my beautiful new sidebar drawings.

Oh and thank you to all my new followers and people that send me emails. I love and read every single one.

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