Saturday, 27 November 2010


"I create art nouveau inspired jewelry that somehow seems to have escaped from a fairytale. I do it because… I can’t not do it. In the morning, as I linger between sleep and awake, shapes morph through my dreams and come together into jewelry and I always carry a notebook to catch those images of these elusive pieces while they still hover in my mind. At my workbench I turn these mirages into solid dreams made of cool silver, warm glowing gold and glittering diamonds and colorful stones. When the piece is done, I take it into my hands and lean back while I inspect it. I smile as its curls - it seems to move just a little bit while I turn it in my hands. My pieces are alive… maybe they secretly actually do move when I don’t look?

I am the proud creator of high end fairytale jewelry and feel blessed for the gift of having the opportunity to breathe life into the precious materials. I hope the wearers of these small pieces of solid dreams love them just as much as I do!"

I love Castens jewellery. They have the movement and beauty of candyfloss mixed in with clouds and swirls all brought together into a piece that will last forever. If i was one of those girly girls at 5 years old, Castens pieces are the kind of thing i'd dream of my mum owning so i could try on and dance around in.
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