Thursday, 25 November 2010

Synthetic Sleepers

I received a lovely email the other day from Ash -
"I love your blog,
beautiful aesthetic,
vibes of chillin'.
Misma mentioned you,
now I am hooked!
Best of wishes to you and your healthiness.
I am now a follower, I shall thee follow."

A few emails, a look at her blog Synthetic Sleepers, and her drawing a little something for me

("It's a Tui bird, there are hundreds around my house all day. They are serious bullies and even tease my cat! Like kamikaze pilots they dive-bomb him. I drew this both for you, and for my little Monty, who told me he would rather see them plaqued and plagued." It's in the side bar but i thought i'd post it bigger so you can see the details)
later and we decided to do a two way interview.
Here are her answers,

Three basic facts about you?
- I'm not conventional in any aspect.
- I love Wes Anderson's films.
- I'm double-jointed and love pokémon.

Where are you based?
-I live on a little island called Waiheke Island, located about 17km
North of Auckland City in New Zealand. Waiheke is renowned for it's
creative community, boasting artists, musicians, scientists, writers,
poets and actors, along with a plethora of other eccentrics. I love
living here because of the strong sense of community and amazing
people, the ocean views from all areas and the secluded nature,
despite still being included in the Auckland City Electorate.

Who/what sparked your creative side?
- Both of my parents are artists and have always encouraged my
creative side. My Dad would give me drawing lessons and art supplies,
and my Mum taught me how to sew and utilize what I have.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
- I will never grow up, but if I do I would like to be a conglomerate
of; stylist, photographer, clothing designer, screen printer, cat
herder and weather girl.

Who's your favourite artist?
- That is a hard question! Does this include designers? If so I love
Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto. Art, alike fashion, is
so fickle and vain, I like good advertising and collaborations between

Where's your favourite place to shop?
- I op-shop chronically. Since I tend not to spend more than $20 on
any single item at a time, plus nothing new ever excites me, unless
it's a new MacBook. The thing with 2nd hand shops is they have to be
cluttered and cheap, otherwise it's not the same. I love to rummage I
guess. The best 2nd-handers here are the S.P.C.A store, the Red Cross,
and the New Hope store. I frequent them as often as possible.

Why blogging?
-Blogging is a great form of media, I like the ability to post from
almost any location, (providing a computer is at hand). I also enjoy
being a bit of a lone wolf and being free to cover the topics I like,
and share with whoever stumbles across my page.

Who's your favourite blogger?
-I go through phases of favourites. At the moment I LOVE Luxirare, . I love her anonymity, crisp photography and very
original plans. Despite being mystery girl extraordinaire, she is very
realistic and passionate about food and fashion.
Some other favourites are Erin Hagstrom,
my friend Joseph Harper too, , also you
must see Misma's photography , it's
how I found your blog, Miss Hiven!

Isn't she adorable? Thanks to Ash from Synthetic Sleepers. Her blog's definitely worth a look.

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