Thursday, 20 January 2011

Me time

(Hello santa jumper)

(My black lucky cat is called Poochini. My mum names all of our cats, we're a cat person, after composers. I'm aiming for Newton or Helmut next time)

I'd been planning to make a diy jumper for a while but I had to think of the theme. Then , as Christmas was finishing, santa. A thin and a fat santa, very exaggerated, in bright felt, to wear all year round. Found the perfect jumper base in h&m men. Grey and beautifully soft.
Bought the pack of felt, I cut all the bits out and my wonderful mum sewed it all on for me. Little hands, hats, the lot. This was it's first airing.

Today lots of lovely items arrived in the post. Two packages from asos (which you'll get to know soon) , my crystal order and my birthday/christmas presents from my wife. I've already started making with the crystals and i'm going to try not to open my presents until my birthday (I am very bad at this you see). Wish me luck.

p.s i've been thinking about doing a 'blogs you should know bit' (want more? email me, but i'm not sure so here's a mini one ...
-(I want to be as beautiful as) autilia
-super super pretty with designer goods carolyn
-a little brighter

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