Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Rick Haylor

Firstly, happy burns night!
Secondly, thank you for all the entries to my jeffrey campbell giveaway , it's exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.
I attempted to have my blood taken today. Due to rubbish health, they come here. Four stabbity rip stab stab's (hollywood undead reference for the cool kids) and no blood later (literally, no blood , not even a teeny weeny bit) later, they left. Maybe i'm actually a vampire. Even though they failed, I felt extra awful after. Mum also lovingly did this action of a needle moving around and failing to find blood that just was not necessary. Thanks mum.

I've found a few amazing blogs recently that might interest you...
Stop Making Sense (if you like breath taking photos), Sea Of Shoes (if you like dreamy-ness & Rosa-Fiona Bettina (if you like the tv show Skins).

p.s - A big thank you to S from Done With Conformity for the lovely feature!

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