Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ombre Me

I came across Deanna's blog, le bibliotheque , a while ago. We emailed , then facebooked, then texted. She's a sweetie. We both decided to go ombre at around the same time and agreed to do a blog collaboration about our adventure. Dipping into the ombre pool, we went for a Hairdresser vs Home dye.

Now, the ombre queen, for sure is the Chung-ster. She was the first (if you ignore avril lavigne and to a certain extent SJP) to embrace ombre as a permanent feature...
(get ready for alexa porn)

Other celebs/models with the ombre look...

Now for lovely bloggers with lust worthy ombre...







and oh so beautiful mermaid green,


Ombre has been re-defined recently. It's actually a French term meaning "two toned", it's usually the look you get when you normally colour your hair but then do not go for regular touch ups. This naturally happens to kids during summer when their hair gets lighter from the sun and then fall comes along (with less sun and playing outside) leaving the kids with two toned hair. Ombre = lighter on the ends and darker at the roots. Ombre is the extreme version of a technique called balayage (pretty much going free style and painting highlights on to the hair, therefore giving the hair a sun kissed touch). We now go out to get ombre hair, it's no accident, it's easy up keep and suits most hair colours and skin tones. The cool kids bleach the ends to then colour, say pink, leaving them with enviable pink ends.

The first time (about a month ago) I went ombre, I was a mid brown and simply slapped bleach on the ends.
It turned out like this...

The second time, about a week later, I realised I wanted a bit everywhere. I then had a 'lightbulb' moment, let's use foils. This process probably needs you and a lovely helper. Mix the bleach and read the instructions thoroughly so you know what you're doing.

Next, tear up (tin)foil and get a few big clips together. Decide where you'd like the bleach , explain to your helper. The helper then passes you hair, piece by piece, you cover the piece in bleach and then the helper wraps it in foil and pins it out of the way. Repeat until you're happy.

I left my hair for 14 ish minutes. Depending on the colour, depends on the minutes. You can always re-dye , less is more. *

*If you do not have a helper, it'll be easier just to slap on the bleach, no fuss.

How it turned out...

(whole outfit post coming soon)

Deanna took a photo of what she wanted (highly recommend you do this) to the salon and had a clear image of what she wanted. In her mind, she wanted a lovely brown colour with ombre ends. Two lengthy appointments (and £40) later, they striped her colour to remove the red saturation (removing red is insanely hard, I had no idea) and then put a light brown over the top. The beauty of going to the hairdressers is that they know exactly what they're doing and she didn’t have to try and battle with a bottle to make her hair the colour she wanted.

She went from this very bright red
after stripping the ends...

and the final result...

Finally she's ended up with a warm chocolate colour, the ombre wouldn't take. She wouldn't call her hair a disaster, she loves it and ombre hair is merely around the corner- she's decided to give her poor ends a rest before attacking them with the bleach (they’re in a bit of a sorry state from all the chemicals) but it does show that no matter what you do sometimes it just won’t work.

The conclusion
With these different stories, the at home ,diy, seems better. Nobody will tell you that they can't dye your hair because your hair's in rubbish condition, you won't have to worry about them getting it wrong and mostly it won't cost you the handle of a mulberry bag. On the other hand, hairdressers have pros- they know what they're doing and it will be done well. It's up to you, have fun.

-backcomb your hair before applying bleach to the ends
-if you would like to ombre all of your hair, use foil to pin each bit up so they don't get in your way
-condition, condition, condition. When doing this, you should really invest in conditioner and do a few mega masks first
-if you're just trying it out, do a few ombre ends to frame your face
-use stargazer hair dye if you want colour

A big thank you to Deanna (make sure you check out her lovely blog, le bibliotheque) , to the people who sent me in photos and information I could use and of course, to you ,the reader.


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