Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Derek Wood

I've been preparing jewellery for a photo session that I have on sunday. What i'm working on is something I wouldn't normally do but it 's a nice change.

I've had some bad hospital news that I knew was coming but really didn't want. There are so many different thing's that can happen in a situation like this, i've tried to keep it all in London but it hasn't worked out.

On a better hand, i've been making crystals. Literally. I bought this giant kit (find here) a few days ago and i'm impressed with the results so far. You add a bit of your chosen rock mix (chemicals plus colouring I guess) with water in a jam jar then over the stove , this makes your base solution. Pipette a bit into a petri dish (like a fun science experiment in school) and leave it in a warm area to slowly evaporate and then you have beautiful purple crystals.

I have a super duper high fever right now so i'm trying my best not to ramble. I hope your day's been more successful.

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