Friday, 8 April 2011

DIY Glitter Brogues


Marc Jacobs, 800$$$

What you need:

Brogues, pva glue, paint brushes, a spoon/something to stir with, glitter of your chosen colour, a little pot, newspaper/something to protect your surface.


Put a big blob of glue in your pot and slowly pour in glitter while stirring.

Depending how glittery you want your shoes, use more or less glitter. A lot of glitter + not a lot of glue = super glittery.

Decide where you want the glittery bit. Tape around this so you don't get glue elsewhere. I didn't and ended up casually wiping excess off on to my leg.

I also did a go faster stripe at the back

Wait for this layer to dry and then paint a layer of just pva. This works as a seal.
(when this layer is dry, remove tape carefully)

Happy friday!

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