Saturday, 16 April 2011

Independent Record Store Day

As it's independent record store day today I thought i'd post a selection of my favourite ever album covers. For more info (and events), check out

a son of the sun, beck, boredoms, fun., hefner,herb alperts tijuanabrass , pink floyd, sesame street, the checks, los campesinos!, wilco & venetian snares.

My dad introduced me to the idea of music. When I was twelve I used to go into my local independent record store (slipped discs) a lot. It wasn't the cleanest of places but it had one of the warmest atmosphere's I'd ever known. I listened to big records (bigger than my face at the time) on even bigger record players. Sadly it closed as soon as I saved enough money for my first LP. My dad was (and still is) crazy about music. He went to and took me to a lot of gigs, including the killers (when they were good). I remember trying to look over a tall sweaty man's shoulder and failing, so I just listened, I felt happy and calm. Since, he's taken me to many gigs and I've always made an effort to scour his cd collection for bands that might take my fancy.

(and anyone that inspires you to love music)

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