Monday, 4 April 2011

Me Time Preview

(new dungarees score)

I watched the swans dry themselves (literally). Their little flippers were so wet, they looked more like diving equipment than swan. You do not want to hear an annoyed swan, while I was casually sitting there, a crazy little yappy dog came over. The swans slowly moved towards the water making a horrible hissing noise (like a snake mixed with hyena), luckily they didn't attack me.

I remember pulling my rather heavy kayak (I went to a summer club) along the rungs of the last photo. As a weak , newly poorly twelve year old, I probably moaned. There are a few missing rungs which are particularly horrible to pull a kayak over. The cool kids were carrying their canoe above their heads (canoe's have room for more than three, a kayak just one). I met one of my oldest friend's there, his sister was 5 then, so cute, i've seen her slowly grow up through the years. She's still adorable (so is he).

I seriously want to live on a houseboat. The freedom would be amazing. More photos to come. Happy monday!

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