Saturday, 23 April 2011

Me Time

The past few days have been wonderful. The weather's been more than incredible (apparently it's meant to go back to "normal" tuesday onwards). I'm thinking, officially, someone out there must control the weather. Someone who likes the UK, maybe the queen. We've had sun all week and now for the easter weekend. This never happens. I love this weather, if it's like this for the royal wedding, i'm putting my money on the queen/the royal family in general.

I had an especially lovely time in the sun on thursday with a close friend. Both of our legs were out (not rare for me, very rare for her despite her splendid legs). We failed to make daisy chains so I covered her in daisies and buttercups instead. As I got up, I found I'd had an allergic reaction to the grass, cue ugly rash. My whole family suffer from hayfever but not me. Antihistamine's here I come.

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Happy saturday!
p.s I'm not going to horrible awful hospital! Hopefully the next will be better.

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