Saturday, 30 April 2011

Me Time

(This beautiful ivy building is actually a pole dancing club, "the cave")

(This is a crystal cluster I grew in a jamjar. Better photo soon)

dungarees- weareallone
tee& socks- h&m
shoes- gap
backpack- romwe
all jewellery- hivenj

Hello again my beautiful readers, I've missed you.

Happy belated royal day! I'm british, I feel like I should've been more excited.
But no, I decided to go out and get away from the madness. It was lovely, really quiet and peaceful. I love the street party idea but it turns out there isn't one near me, instead I raised a glass (of cranberry) to the new couple.

I do like how it's brought everyone/the world together though, kind of like in cartoons when the good guys and the bad guys reunite.

P.S Mcqueen! She wore Mcqueen! I can't quite believe it (grace kelly comparison & photo)

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