Wednesday, 11 May 2011


This is my best friend, Chlay. She made this video a year ago and has been deteriorating ever since. She's been struggling to drink/eat anything for the past two weeks and last night it all came to a head. She saw her doctor who said she had to drink one litre of liquid in two hours or she'll have to go to hospital (her kidneys were slowly shutting down). She managed to and avoided hospital this time. It's slowly becoming a fight simply not to go to hospital. This is not a way to live. My best friend is a ticking time bomb and i'm helpless.

She's selling these (only £2.50) for M.E awareness week and you can buy them on her blog. I've already bought mine.

Please sign this petition. Simply put in your details, press sign and then you've signed. You do not have to donate anything. It's to try and stop the only hospital who are any good at dealing with M.E, being shut down.

Check out daisy's video too (it's been re-tweeted by all the cool kids inc vanilla ice).

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