Monday, 18 July 2011

Me Time

I received an Age of Reason scarf as a gift from a friend recently. I did a bit of stalking and noticed on their blog that they are having a styling competition and the winner gets £500 worth of scarves. Um yes please. If I win, I will be decked out head to toe (kind of like Age of Reason's Grazia Fash Factor entry).
So , here's my entry. Three ways to wear an Age of Reason scarf...

1) A wrap top

(dungas& shoes- gap jewels- hivenj)
Hold out the scarf in front of you in a diamond shape. Fold the top half over a bit and wrap around you, then bow/knot at the back. I've worn it under dungas but you could simply wear it with shorts/on the beach as a cover up/at a festival/etc.

2) Head scarf

(dress- primarni shoes-gap all jewels hivenj)
Fold it up so you end up with a long rectangle. Wrap around head, bow/knot at the back and if needed, secure with bobby pins.

3) Belt

(dress- anthropologie shoes-gap backpack- vintage)
Same as two but around your waist instead.

I like to think i'm a scarf person, I have a small collection: a few to each leg of my dressing table but this scarf, it's scarf heaven (100% silk too). I could go on forever about how brilliant Age of Reason are , but above all, I adore their selection of prints. I always look out for scarves with unique prints and officially, Age of Reason have the best selection.

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