Thursday, 28 July 2011

Me Time

Sale's still on at Hivenj! Expect new items when it's over.

I was staring at my Age Of Reason scarf trying to think of a "unique" way to style it (for their styling competition) when I spotted my Lush wrap and decided on a bag (how to). It would've worked as a clutch type bag but i'm definitely more of a cross body bag girl. I recently bought this belt in a charity shop. I threaded the belt through just under the top knot and TAH-DAH, we have a bag with a strap. It's much more secure than I thought it would be, I've been using it all week and my contents haven't fallen out once.

This is my new Gap dress (decent photo of the neckline, here). It's super soft, maxi dresses are easy to wear and it was on sale, all win really. The heels are vintage (newly re-heeled, they were a little worse for wear) , Hivenj rings and Shopbop cuff. I promise to take more close-ups from now on.

A quick "shoutout" to lovely Philippa (of Cocoskies) for my new shop illustration and a little something else that I can't wait to post.

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