Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Outfit Post

dress- stolen from mum, originally monsoon
bag- baggu
boots- head over heels
jewellery- hivenj

I've reduced quite a few things in my shop (while stock lasts).

These were taken yesterday , lucky really, as today I'm not exactly looking my best. I wake up feeling awful, a few hours later i'm sick. I hate being sick. A lot. Vomit free since '93. Not to mention my multi-coloured bruised knees (colour blocking hell). The only thing that doesn't look too bad is my foot, which is healing nicely.

I made a big purchase the other day (with added guidance from lovely laura). I've been saving for something specific on shopbop for a while now, went to find it to show her and it was on sale! Ironically, it was my mum who persuaded me to get it. I will probably jump on the posty man that delivers it.

-London rose
-Peacock feather girl

Anyway, back to sleeps for me. Is anyone else a bit disappointed in this year's mercury nominations?
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