Saturday, 20 August 2011

Outfit Post

This is my new (on sale) H&M dress. It's a bit on the short side but I can ignore that because it's so easy to wear. I made these cuffs yesterday and had to wear them out (available at Hivenj). I love the big superhero (remember wonderwoman?) cuffs trend and this is my take on it. The bag's borrowed from my mum and the shoes are from Zalando.

V fest's going on this weekend and I live near enough that there's a constant boomboomboom. I went a lot as a kid (I was dragged to see The Killers instead of my choice, Pink) and it seems to have just gone down hill since. Most people go for "the experience" (AKA to get drunk) and not for the bands. Why pay £££ when you can do the same for a lot less in the park/at home.

My gran's coming to stay this week, she's so lovely to be around.
Have an exquisite weekend anyway, whatever you're doing!

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