Friday, 21 October 2011

Part Face

My face behind a teddy in Toys 'R' Us (I have the same coat but in human size) & behind a poppadom.

I'm pretty sure I enjoyed running around in Toys 'R' Us a bit too much. I wasn't one of the kids who had all the toys (no doll who pees when you squeeze her for me), I used to go round to friends and stare in amazement and jealousy at their collection. But then again, when I have kids i'm not so sure I want them to have a huge range of toys. More like hand whittled rocking chairs and anything cat themed. Oh and a big garden so they can have a swing and make a tree house.

I'm going out tonight with an old friend for cocktails! I haven't seen her in a while so it'll be lovely to catch up.

Happy friday! I can't believe it's only five days until the cosmo awards (i've found the perfect shoes). I hope you have a brilliant weekend.

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