Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Blog Alphabet (Double D +EFG)

Let me introduce you to two of my favourite D's (both being boys) and my EFG, I missed last weeks feature so decided to bump them together.

D is for
Derek of Popstylecle

Why we love him
He's pretty much my dream boyfriend


Dane of Big Barrels & Air Reverses

Why we love him
The photography. I always want to literally jump into his photos.

E is for
Ellie of Those Dusty Dreams

Why we love her
The variety she shows, one moment it's travel photos , then a beautiful vintage shop and the next she'll be the model.

F is for
Fabliha of Inside In, Inside Out

Why we love her
She documents daily high fashion life with her (also) stunning twin sister

G is for (a bit of cheating here)
Gh0st Parties by Katie

Why we love her
I'm not much of a beauty person but she does the best beauty reviews around!

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