Friday, 11 November 2011


dress- Anthropologie
jewels- Hivenj

Happy 11.11.11. So much love to those affected, seeing everyone fall silent gave me goosebumps.
On a nicer note, happy birthday to Leonardo DiCaprio (tomorrow's Ryan Gosling's!), thank you for that nugget. The last few days have been a tad crazy and now my gran's staying so I apologise if i'm un-blurby for a few days, it will return soon.

One thing of note in the past few days was The Fairy Hobmother visiting my inbox. To explain, The Fairy Hobmother (David) visits blogs granting wishes & sharing gifts along the way. On glum November days it sounds surreal but trust me, it's real. I received a sexy Amazon voucher! (which I spent on a new Lomo fisheye as mine's on the blink, a book for mum and a few cheap DVDS)

Have an astounding weekend!

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