Monday, 19 December 2011


This is my first state of un-dress (I think) ever on my blog. I bought this top for a friend, wore it myself a few times, then gave it to my brother AND THEN reclaimed it. So this tee is loved (and even better, cost $1 from Etsy). These cords (which are actually burgundy) are from Gap, coat's Mantaray (from Debenhams), the bag's Ally capellino, the boots Stylist Pick and jewellery Hivenj.

So i'm not in Devon. Chlay & I were hoping that she'd be out of hospital relatively quickly but hospital being hospital, no such luck. I'm in the middle of checking the railway works but i'll simply walk if I don't see my Chlay by my birthday (late January).

I made my excuses and bought THE Tim Walker book. I'll still be dreaming about this one though.

The closer we get to Christmas, the more I seem to lose track. My favourite tip for present buying? Make sure you like it so if they don't, you can casually keep it.
Have a brilliant weekend!
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