Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Thank You, Santa

A selection of my favourites! (L-R notepad Anthropologie, bag Clarks, both books & polaroid Amazon, chocolates Booja Booja & red box Lush)

I was germ free for Christmas day! No breathing not through my nose for me. I've had such a great week. Met up with Cohen friday for photos, food (if you ever go to Giraffe have their sweet potato fries) & wine. So good to catch up.

I had a pre-Christmas Christmas meal with my mum on saturday , watched a film and exchanged gifts. On sunday I went out with my dad & two brothers. I got a chance to talk to the brother I don't talk to much which was nice. I took lots of photos but I now can't find anywhere to develop the film (I used Efke infrared B&W film if you have any idea, please tweet me). After lunch we went back to my dad's and my three cousins, aunt & uncle came over. I hadn't seen them since last Christmas! They looked so grown up. My oldest cousin, Grace, is fourteen and we talked. Like properly for the first time, so surreal.

I can't believe it's nearly 2012! Where are the flying cars?
Have a delectable week!

P.S pretty please nominate me for the Marie Clare blog awards, here.

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