Thursday, 12 January 2012

Me Time

These are the last of Devon. The first photo was taken just before I got the train home. The lake (AND swans) were just casually there, people walking past didn't really look and I was simply in awe. I think when I was younger and went to Devon I didn't look around as much (I was a head down please don't look at me kid). I've known Chlay since I was twelve. I think I went down to stay first when I was thirteen and she's been my wifey ever since. It's hard when your bestest best friend lives a massive train journey away but we still talk on the phone nearly every day. She's helped me through a ridiculous amount of crap. Love you Chlay bay.

The first dress is from Gap,the second's vintage and the shoes, UNIF. They now do Hellraisers with gold spikes! I need them.

It's my nineteenth birthday in eight days! Apart from going to Monterey Bay Aquarium/Legoland I have no idea what to do. I'm hopefully getting an Iphone from my Dad (I already feel addicted to Instagram) and I think i'm going to ask for money from "everyone else" as I want to save up for a lens.

Anyway, this week has been rather quiet, gathering my bearings after getting back. I dyed my roots and re-blued my hair. I'm now back to the shade I love. I have a really exciting shoot tomorrow with Louise & smoke bombs! I want to say something about it being da bomb but I'll save that joke until after.
Have a tremendous week.
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