Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Me Time

This dress is incredibly short. I do love it, it's from Monki but oh it's short. When I was younger (and smaller) I mainly wore the "is it a top or a dress(?)" dress. As i've got older, the lengths have got longer. I'm quite tall (5"10) so I get it ,but y'know, I like the freedom to bend over without worry.

I spent new years with a close friend. He travels a lot so I don't get to see him as much as i'd like so it was really nice. New year's day I went out for lunch with my dad & his new girlf. She was a bit shy but nice enough. Succesfully managed to not fall asleep at the table.
Yesterday I saw Puss in Boots (3D) with Grace, my cousin. It's a bit strange gossiping with a fourteen year old, remembering to erase certain bits but the different perspective is good (Puss in Boots was brilliant too).

I'm going to Devon to see Chlay (bestie) this weekend! She was in hospital last time so we rescheduled and the time's here. I really can't wait to see her.
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