Monday, 27 February 2012


(please ignore the random chunk of floating hair)

dungas & backpack- vintage | tee & socks- H&M | shoes- UNIF | watch (seen here) | necklaces- Kuji

So this is what I wore on Thursday to LFW!(!!) I met up with May and we had lunch at Wagamama's (where I spotted a girl with amazing turquoise hair & pretty much ran after her) then on to Somerset House. I was there more to take photos of people than to see shows but it was rather quiet when I arrived. I was expecting to take five films but I ended up with just one (photos to come when I'm blogging from my own laptop, I'm on my brother's right now). Oh well, I had a really lovely time anyway.

The past week's been a quiet one. My mum was in Ireland so I had a free house for most of the weekend (partay time... not).

I've been sent a box of goodies from Kuji which i'm hopefully using in a shoot this week! I'm so excited about the location.

Only two days until us women folk can propose. Any plans?
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