Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Me Time

(me, Cat & May)

Met up with Cat (it was my first time meeting her and she really is lovely, surpassed my expectations) and May yesterday. We went for a lovely lunch (@ Bea's of Bloomsbury). Thanks to Cat's birthday it was a beautiful, sunny day in London! Cat had to go to her next class so May and I shopped (I used Mother's Day as an excuse to stock up on Cath Kidston and also caved and bought a bottle of Shu Uemura face oil).

I'm going out for a curry tonight with friend's, drinks tomorrow and I have a photoshoot Monday! (with a stunning girl I haven't shot before) The highlight of next week, though, is going to be the Los Campesinos(!) gig (@ Electric Ballroom) Thursday! Ridiculously excited. I've recently also booked Johnny Foreigner tickets. All I need now is for Big Deal to gig in/near London and my life will be complete.
Have an amazing weekend!
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