Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Me Time

(Dana, Alix & me at Katch , my nails by Alix, lights in Carnaby Street, what I want to wear everyday by Zeynep Tosun, tights at Wolford & chandelier at Whistles)

I had the most amazing time yesterday. Darting between press days with Alix & Dana. We started at Katch which had a stunning setup. Next on to Wolford where I shared a longing look with their lingerie.

Ended at Whistles (I had to get back early) which was set in Claridge's. Being from not a ridiculously rich famalam I've never stayed at Claridge's but oh wow. Everyone should get a stay in their life. The Whistles event itself was set in one of their ballrooms, four rails of stunning clothing in one room with food & drinks at the side and a sofa in a separate room. The nosey girl that I am peeked into the other room to then find a whole other massive empty ballroom unfold before my eyes. Hello photographer's dream, I had a field day. More about that and photos soon.

I'm spending my weekend in London with my mum! (if you're around, feel free to tweet me) I'm so excited, my poor bank balance.
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