Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Me Time

These were taken in the Soho Sanctum! I've stayed there twice and everything about the place is amazing. The dress has little badminton rackets on & is from Anthropologie (which I'd literally bought ten minutes earlier as it's JUST round the corner from the hotel, bliss). The watch is vintage.

I met up with an old friend the other day (we're talking high fiving since we were born). It was so, so much fun! We sat in an un-named coffee shop for hours talking. It's surreal how many things we have and had in common. I then went to Felicities press day! I had a look around and came across Imogen Belfield's jewels! Like oh my god. There are no words for the amazingness that is. Julia Burness's jewels are also breathtaking. To be completely honest all of the people they represent are rather special.

Today i'm having lunch with the lovely Cohen! Sweet potato fries are definitely on the menu.
Have a spectacular day!

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