Thursday, 12 April 2012

Probably one of the only photos ever of me smiling. This was taken as we were leaving the Soho Sanctum. I wish I could live there, so many little details that I could endlessly photograph. The dress is Anthropologie, Asos coat, M&S socks, UNIF shoes & Clarks bag. I'm never going to take these shoes off. They're so comfy! I've seen quite a few copies, not impressed as they're a blatant rip off and you wouldn't be able to injure someone with them ! Go UNIF or go home.

I've had a busy few weeks! Everyone's been around (from uni/half term/etc) so I've been trying to see as many people and do as many photoshoots as possible. I have another today with a new MUA and a model I haven't worked with before which is exciting. My favourite MUA is running to the big lights of London (damn you, LCF) so I'm hoping to find a new lovely person to work with.
Have a beautiful Monday.


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