Monday, 7 May 2012

Me Time

The dress is from The Moon and Mars, I was sent it for a shoot but couldn't resist trying it on! They stock such beautiful everything (dresses, jewels, shoes, AKA everything). The shoes are Primark (favourite bargain ever, £12) and the socks Shopbop (which recently went on sale, $12.50!, so I bought another pair). In the middle of taking these photos a man appeared and casually smoked and stared until I wandered off. What is it with the staring?

I've been rather poorly today (Devon and back's catching up with me, worth it though, had an awesome time). I've been sleeping, eating chocolate and watching SJP movies (oh, such a cliche).

I have a photoshoot in Louise's bath with Charlotte tomorrow! So excited to work with that girl again, she has the most amazing face. I have quite a few tests over the weekend in Landan that I'm looking forward to, all new people and a new MUA!

Happy hump day.

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