Friday, 25 May 2012

Prodigious Peonies

Me, petals, bestie, close up, Iona

This week's been surprisingly quiet (which co-incided with the lovely weather that's arrived in the UK). I've been out in the sun ala my cat.

A local photographer I know has been nicely recommending girls he likes to work with to me. Wednesday I took photos of a girl called Iona. Within ten minutes we'd shared life stories and bonded. We were planning to shoot in one of my favourite car parks but I spotted that a location I wanted to use a while ago wasn't boarded up any more! Lots of ivy, old sheds, dead buildings, AKA a dream. I finished with Iona and went for a coffee with a friend. I went back to the awesome location today and took more photos. It's been empty for a while so I kind of hope they don't build anything on it any time soon.

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