Saturday, 2 June 2012

My Week

ivy crown, meatjito's @ Meat Liquor, dawg, me & random fluffball, beautiful man @ Blitz, beautiful girl just outside Beyond Retro & shoes

I've been in London this weekend with my Mumma! We took our ritual visit to Anthropologie (ended up walking out with a not-on-sale dress and a thank-god-on-sale pair of shoes) and to Meat Liquor. I met one of my favourite people in America's friend who's over on a student visit for drinks. Megan and I had awfully posh cocktails and then awfully cheap wine, what a combination.

Photographed Leigh on Wednesday. I'm dead happy with how it all turned out. Thursday I went vintage shopping in Landan with Rhiann and to Meat Liquor (they'll know my name soon enough). I'm going to miss her so much when she moves away for Uni in Sept! I feel bad for my other "peeps", I'm going to be Miss Needy when it happens. I was meant to go to see Big Deal live Thursday night BUT it turned out they weren't playing (false advertising), luckily I found this out before leaving (the tickets were only £5, too, but I was so excited, cry).

I hope you've had a beautiful Jubilee day.

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