Friday, 7 September 2012

Goodbye Blue

So these are the last photos of me with blue hair! (apologies about the mix between phone & film) Most are taken a few weeks ago when I stayed in London with Rhiann and saw Big Deal (if you don't know them, look them up!) live (totally worth trecking to Dalston and sitting in a local park for a good few hours).

My August was terrible. I can't really explain without a good TMI but I have not been a happy bunny. BUT everything's looking up. Thanks to twitter I'm a spare pair of hands on a shoot with Claire Pepper shoot Monday! Met her and talked it over, so cool. I also have quite a few of my own exciting shoots coming up!

I went to Blitz's first birthday party yesterday, took many many photos of beautiful people and had a generally great time. Somehow ended up on Bond Street eating waffles while Vogue's FNO happened. Witnessed so many well dressed people. The two differences I noticed between the Blitz crowd and the FNO crowd was A) shoes. At Blitz most were wearing creepers/some sort of flatform but FNO were all in heels or some sort of wedge. The drinks situation was also different. Blitz had a beautiful free bar, FNO had a people with little champagne bottles scattered around but no visible source. Surreal.

Anyway. I'm hoping to post more regularly now, fingers crossed. Have a sunny weekend.

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