Friday, 5 October 2012

new hair, contemplating stone jumping, sun , green

I've been in Devon seeing my bestest best friend for twenty four hours! I miss all the fields already. I'm hoping to go and stay for a few days around her birthday (30/12) /new years.

So I've been posting less and less blurb. I want to keep my blog personal but life's a bit bleh-y right now. I'm hoping once everything's more stable I'll be able to ramble again with ease (oh man if only all of this was secret code for me being a spy).

The past month has been lovely apart from having to send one of my close friend's off to university. Bought her a cake in the shape of her pig (she's obsessed) ,drank malibu and went to the beach. (shown here).

I've been helping decorate my boyfriend's house (it's kinda like The Sims, I get to pick the colour of the wallpaper and magically it's done!). My boyfriend's busy making an awesome bookcase that matches the fireplace! I'm a lucky gal I tell you. Because there are so many old people around where I live there are the best charity shops. I'm all over the little trinkets to dot around.

I went to a wedding fair with my dad, his fiancée and her parents yesterday. It was so much fun, chandeliers and cake samples as far as the eye could see. Even managed to find a little Neal's yard stall that were handing out samples!

I'm attempting to post this on my phone as our internet's on the fritz. Everything crossed this works.

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